Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tips for Keeping Your Pool Blue - Debris

Swimming Pool Debris
Is this dead squirrel in your pool?
Even though a pool service will (read: should) clean out debris from your pool, sometimes things like leaves and dirt can pile up in between weekly visits. The debris in your pool do a few harmful things to your pool like:
  1. Interrupt circulation flow
  2. Introduce contaminants to the water
  3. Create clogs in the circulation system

The following tips can help keep the pool clear of debris:
  • If you notice that the pool is pretty heavy on floating debris, such as leaves after a storm, and it will be a few days before the next service visit, using your pool net to scoop out even a few handfuls of leaves will be beneficial to the health of your pool.
  • If wind is consistently your enemy by blowing dirt, pollen, and other small contaminates into your pool, consider buying a automatic pool vacuum. While pool services will vacuum out your pool when it needs it, there’s 6 other days of the week that your pool has debris sitting in it. We will be happy to recommend a specific vacuum to meet your needs, the best place to buy it, and even install it for you when we come out for our weekly service.

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